Spectators on Yorkshire Puddings

With no live sporting fixtures or artistic performances where have all the spectators gone? Well one answer is on some form of ‘lock down’ even those who are doing sterling work to keep us live, fed and serviced in all sorts of ways are social distancing.
Did you notice the social distancing between the sweet potato and the traditional ‘baker’? A baked potato for dinner today will make an interesting change from Yorkshire pudding and roasts.

Interesting Facts about Yorkshire Puddings

  1. National Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday in February. For some reason the Americans, who rightly revere the Yorkshire pud, use a date in October for a similar celebration but less reverentially they call them popovers. (We can’t pop over anywhere at the moment with the lock down.)
  2. The Royal Society of Chemistry claim that “A Yorkshire pudding isn’t a Yorkshire pudding if it is less than four inches tall.” Nor to my mind if it is called a Dutch baby , a Bismarck or a Dutch Puff.
  3. Yorkshire pudding do not rise as tall at higher altitudes but do brilliantly in the Pennines, the Yorkshire moors and our coastal regions.
  4. Morrisons supermarket have experimented with  a ‘Yorkshire pudding pizza’ but whata mistaka to makea.
  5. The weirdly named Toad in the Hole is one of my favorite ways of cooking up a good Yorkshire pud. Bang on or should that be banger on?
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