Trees of Yorkshire Museum Gardens

St Olav’s Church – York Museum Garden

I intended to write about six Champion Trees of Yorkshire but discover the subject is fully covered in the Yorkshire museums own web site.

Champion trees are the biggest examples in Yorkshire identified by the Tree Register. However there are many ‘unusual large trees’ and ‘decorative smaller trees’ in the park originally established by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society in the 1828. The definition of our Yorkshire heritage is never ending and awe inspiring to visitors, residents and true born tykes. To be a Yorkshire heritage tree it needs to be a large, individual tree with unique value, which is considered irreplaceable, “The main criteria are age, rarity and size, together with aesthetic, botanical, ecological and historical value.”

The best way to appreciate all such trees is to get up close and look and compare. York is one of the great places to visit as soon as the lockdown environment is eased. Would that I lived close enough now.

On the Banks of the Ouse York

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