Sorry for These Adverts I Wanted Ben Shaws Pop

– Best of 1980’s TV adverts

I was searching for an old remembered advert for Ben Shaws lemonade and came across this modern selection. Sorry to foist it on regular readers (thanks Mum). I know how you love being interrupted by jingles, inane actors and boring repetitive voices posing as adverts.

Back to Ben Shaws and the 1960’s jingle I remember (or not), it went something like ‘Pops tops the quality Ben Shaws’. It promoted the pop delivered by truck that was also available in our local chip shop. Yellow lemonade, American cream soda and dandelion and burdock were just some of the flavours to be consumed on a hot afternoon (where have they all gone, the afternoons not the pop).

Another distant memory is of a local distribution depot that may have been for Huddersfield business Ben Shaws or another brand. It was on Highfield Road at Five Lane Ends, Idle. It was my best bob-a-job site as they not only paid but gave me a free drink after sweeping the yard.

Welsh Corona was another brand of pop delivered to your house and they had a slogan “Every bubble’s passed its FIZZical!”. You returned the bottles when you got the next delivery.
With Ben Shaws pop you paid a deposit which was refunded at the shop. You could augment your pocket money by 4d if you were lucky.

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