E-books versus Hardback & Paperback

Would a true Yorkshireman buy an e-Book and a hard copy of the same? Would this be an unjustified extravagance?

To me a hardback was an extravagance and I would often wait for the paperback version to be available. The price difference now seems to have narrowed with the increase in your average paperback price ( deliberate to allow for discounting and two fors?) On odd occasions I would buy both or two paperbacks of the same book by mistake. I bet many readers have done that when the front cover of a paperback is changed for a new edition or when a TV link is created.

Now I discover another reason, for buying an e-book and a hard copy, published by our friends on the Cycling info blog-
‘I was writing a piece on cycling – ‘obsession, passion and enjoyment’ when I came across ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder’ by Dave Barter. I initially bought the book for 99p in e-book form, but could never be bothered to download it to iPhone so I ended up buying hard copy for £6.99.’ Cycling Info for the full SP

E-Books Or Hard Copy

Are e-books really books? I think not! I will start a new movement E-books are no such thing (the Eanst movement)
Much as I prefer a tactile printed book the e-download era seems to be up on you but not on me. Am I just an old fashioned dinosaur?
Today’s Day-2-Day calendar says ‘Whatever you delete today you desperately need tomorrow.’ I wonder if that applies to e-books? At least barring fire of a charity shop raid my books are safe.
Is a blog a poor writers form of book? Most including this blog would not survive in anything other than e-form!


Red Lion Books

Red Lion books in Essex deserve a bit of promotion for this tweet

Customer “I’ve just bought a Kindle, can you show me how to work it.

” Bookseller: “1st you have to soak it overnight in a bucket of water” —

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