Idle Litter Louts – Keep Yorkshire Litter Free

AreĀ  fast food retailers and fast food a known problem causing litter in our Yorkshire environment? Consider the inconsiderate who dumped their chips and wrapper out of the car window in a supermarket car park. It looks like they had a proper picnic plastic forks and all.

Is it the pubs and clubs that provide glasses to leave in hedge rows or the supermarket that sold the Irn Bru that intoxicated someone to ditch their drink in the same shrubbery.

The Answer to What Causes Litter

  • There is only one ‘Cause’ and that is the litter lout who created all this and over 95% of urban litter.
  • It is not the retailer, chippy or drinks vender that is the cause, it is you or someone you know.
  • Overflowing litter bins and rubbish falling off the back of lorries are all caused by consumers. It is the habits and attitude of such consumers that cause litter.

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