Potholing and Fell Rescue


The new sport of damaging car suspensions on pot holes fails to do justice to those who participate in caving and potholing. The difference is that car damage is done to us or our vehicles whilst potholing risks are self inflicted. Still a brisk hike on the fells or down a pothole are fine Yorkshire pastimes and are healthier than hours saty in a car.

Therefore it is good that the RAC and AA of potholing and fell rescue are always at hand.

Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association (UWFRA)

For  65 years the UWFRA  has been rescuing people and animals from the caves and fells around Wharfedale, Nidderdale, Littondale and Mid-Airedale.
For example of their work on Saturday 15th Jan 2011 10:57am near Grimwith Reservoir UWFRA were called out by North Yorkshire Police to assist with a search for a missing man. 25 members and volunteers with 2 SARDA dogs attended. Sadly,the missing man was dead when team members located him.

In addition to thanking the volunteers who attend calls for assistance the UWFRA thank the following for their support on the web site;

• Our families (including our partners and pets!) who tolerate our lengthy absences from home, often at inconvenient times and look after us when we return tired and hungry.
• Our employers and customers who understand when rescues call us away during working hours.
• The people who work ‘behind the scenes’, away from the active callout list, to keep the team running.
• The Police, Ambulance, and Fire services for their practical assistance and support.
• The RAF and their helicopter crews who when called fly in to assist us.
• Our neighbour, the Cave Rescue Organisation, for the rapport and strong working relationship during training and rescues.
• The shops, pubs, hotels and businesses that have our collecting tins and raise money in other ways.
• To all those who donate money, and services, whatever the amount.
• The farmers and landowners who allow access across their land, saving us valuable time and long walks.

The UWFRA is a voluntary organisation that relies on public support.
You can make a donation at Just Giving

Yorkshire Caves to Explore

  • Thistle and Runscar Caves at Ribblehead
  • Great Douk Cave near Chapel le Dale Ingleborough
  • Yorkshire Caving Clubs
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