Philip Davies Quips at Prime Ministers Question Time

Like him and his politics or not you have to admire the MP for Shipley, Philip Davies. He regularly asks pertinent and punchy questions of our prime minister.
Generally Philip uses a degree of humour and a pithy turn of phrase to try and blindside at ‘Prime Ministers Question Time’. Here are a couple of recent examples.

“…… stop pouring hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into Nigeria, Afghanistan and other corrupt countries.” and would my right honorable friend like to say where on the list of corruption he would place the European Union which has not had its accounts signed off for 20 years.

Dodgy Dossier
Mr Davies also asked “Why isn’t the Chilcot report being published before the European Referendum, is it because the prime minister and the chancellor do not want the public to be reminded how the government of the day and the establishment are prepared to prepare dodgy dossiers, make things up and distort the facts, to con the public into supporting something they otherwise would not ahead of the EU referendum.”
“Publishing Chilcot before June 23 would remind people of the lies the country were told about Iraq and how Britain had to get involved and did not have a choice. We have already seen a leaflet sent to every household at a cost of £9.3 million which claimed to be factual about the European Union, but it contained no facts just scaremongering and to no surprise left out important facts about how much money we pay to the European Union each year for membership.”

Getting Involved for Shipley
Shipley MP Philip Davies has spoken more times in the Commons this year than any other MP. He has contributed 438 times in Parliament over the last 12 months, beating second place Kettering MP Philip Hollobone on 397. The 2015-2016 parliamentary year saw Parliament sit for 151 days and pass 24 Bills, meaning Mr Davies spoke in the Commons, whether that is a debate or questioning a minister on local or national issues, an average of three times a day

Mr Davies said: “Speaking in the Commons is a way to get the views and concerns of my constituents across to ministers and departments. I take advantage of all the options open to me to raise issues and problems that need to be tackled in my constituency. I want the Shipley constituency to be actively represented in Parliament and I will continue to work hard to ensure that is the case.”

As a sideline Philip is also the Parliamentary Spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness. I bet he has a bit to say about that as well.

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