How Many Politicians will it take to change the EU?

Now you are asking! Will the EU really change? Will the excessive levels of UK government ever become fit for purpose? The formula for the number of politicians  currently required seems to be y(x + 1) when x is the existing number of politicians and you should not need to ask Y.

Size of  UK Government Politicians

Members of Parliament MP                                                             650
Members of Scottish Parliament MSP                                           129
Members of Welsh Assembly AM                                                     60
Members of European Parliament MEP                                        751
Members of Legislative Assembly Northern Ireland MLA        108

Total reasons to vote Brexit                                                            1698  

The House of Lords has  another 790 unelected ‘politicians’ and bishops.

The European Union ‘Government’

European Union has seven principal decision making bodies of the European Union.

  1. The European Parliament – the 751 MEPs share the legislative and budgetary authority of the Union with the Council of the European Union
  2. The European Council – is the group of heads of state or government of the EU member states.  It has no formal legislative power but is a strategic and crisis-solving body that provides the union with general political directions and priorities.
  3. The Council of the European Union – the Council of Ministers or just the Council is a body holding legislative and some limited executive powers and is thus the main decision making body of the Union. It comprises all the heads of state of each member country. The current president is Donald Tusk
  4. The European Commission – or the EC is the executive arm of the Union. It is composed of one appointee from each of the 28 states but is theoretically designed to be independent of national interests. It drafts all law of the E U and  proposes new laws and bills. It also deals with the day-to-day running of the Union. The current president is Jean Claude Junkers
  5. The Court of Justice of the European Union – is the EU’s judicial branch responsible for interpreting EU law and treaties.
  6. The European Central Bank – is the controlling bank for countries using the Euro currency
  7. The Court of Auditors – should ensure that taxpayer funds from the budget of the European Union have been correctly spent. The court provides an audit report for each financial year to the Council and Parliament. 

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