Harrogate Flowers on Show

Rhododendron buds

The Valley Gardens in Harrogate offer one of the best free flower shows in Harrogate. Down by the streamside there are strange plants like Skunk Cabbage and large leaved Gunneras with prehistoric looking flower spikes.
The other free show is the crocus on the stray in spring.

Gunnera flower

You can pay to visit Harlow Carr RHS gardens and see many fine plants and flowers on display with an emphasis on Alpines, Rhododendrons and rhubarb. Members get in free and can take a guest and there are other benefits of membership.

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk, not skank, cabbage appeals to me hence the second photograph.

Lysimachia punctata

The scent of the yellow Skunk Cabbage will not win any prizes or friends at the Harrogate Flower shows!

Harrogate Spring Flower Show


Spring show daffodil varieties on display showing one for each class.

Daffodil Exhibition display

The Autumn show is another delight for the enthusiast and speciality fanciers. The big vegetables always attract attention but it is the flowers in the show that get the most coverage by photographers.

These were prize winners at various Autumn shows Pink Carnation and Chrysanthemum classes.
Incurve Chrysanthemum
Below is one of the Fuchsia winners in a 4″ pot!
Louise Fucshia

Harrogate in bloom have a lot of detailed information for visitors to the spa town. I would recommend a visit in spring to get rid of any lingering winter blues.

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