Smokie Gets in Your Ears

Do you sometimes end up with a song going around in your head for ages? Well join the club, the Smokie fan club in this case.

Smokie Facts and History

    The original members, Terry Uttley, Alan Silson and Chris Norman shared the playground together at St. Bedes Grammar School in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
    Their other musical incarnation included groups called The Yen, The Sphynx Kindness and The Elisabethans .
    During the 1970’s they had hits with If You Think You Know How To Love Me, Don’t Play Your Rock ‘n’ Roll To Me, Living Next Door To Alice, Mexican girl and Oh Carol.
    As with many groups they then had a lengthy lay off.
    ‘It was the local Yorkshire Musician John Verity who was responsible for the re-birth of ‘Smokie’ back in 1986. The Bradford City Football Club had just suffered one of the worst disasters in sporting history when the club’s main stand caught fire during a match with considerable loss of life. A relief fund for relatives was set up in Bradford and because of their local connections, John Verity invited Smokie to reform for a one-off benefit concert. The concert was a huge success not only for the relief fund but also for Smokie personally.’
    Smokie are currently on tour in the Ukraine and are well worth seeing when they return to perform in Yorkshire.

Apologies if the You Tube gets on your nerves.

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