Greedy Boards In a Yorkshire Back Garden

Greedy Board compost bin

With the extra rain this summer all the garden greenery has grown like triffids.
There is far more garden plant matter to turn into compost and heaps are full to over flowing, bulging at the seams or both. Still mixed waste reduces in volume very rapidly as the rotting starts and the heap compresses so the greedy boards wont last long..

Compost is Good for Gardens

Grass clippings are full of nitrogen but can tend to make your compost a bit soggy so mix them with drier brown stuff. If you have no brown compostables you can tear up some newsprint or cardboard to balance the compost mixture.
Compost need air and active bacteria to get hot and kill off seeds and pathogens. If you have space (and energy) turn the heap over every few weeks.
By autumn (8 weeks) the greedy boards will have gone and the compost will have a wooden cover to retain heat and keep out excessive rain.
You should not need a compost activator, bits of soil and worms will do the job. However Garrotta will add trace elements and get your heap going

Compost bins
The motto of Yorkshire Rotters is ‘Rotting to the Core’
Good compost helps fruit and veg grow for all the Yorkshire Greedy Guts.

Other Greedy Boards

Day twelve: we don't need no steenkin' greedy boards

‘We don’t need no steenkin’ greedy boards’ by pragmatic_pete,CC BY-NC 2.0
Oh yes you do! With a shovel that size no wonder you filled the skip double quick.

Carter's Steam Fair ERF Lorry
This vehicle was built in 1971 and we brought it from David Norton, who used it commercially. We put a body on the back from a Foden lorry, in a traditional shape. It features ‘greedy boards’, carries the Swingboats and Strikers. This vehicle also has blowers with flames and advertising signs which are lit up by halogens when the fair is open. On the road this ERF tows the Juvenile truck and is currently owned by Joby Carter.
Photo and description ‘Carter’s Steam Fair ERF Lorry’ by James F Clay, CC BY-NC 2.0


Skips by Alan Stanton CC BY-NC 2.0 A London version of demure ‘greedy boards’.

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