God’s Own County Rose

You will not grow roses like these but you can do even better with rose tips from God’s own county.

We know it will be a white rose for most of our regular readers. For those who enjoy gardening then the rose opens up a whole avenue of colourful floral beauty and scent.


Rose Scent Tips

This rose was full of scent as white and single roses often are. It was growing in a hedgerow planted around gravel pits at Pool in Wharfedale.
Roses with hairy thorns and bourbon roses are also usually well scented.
The best scent comes at a price from David Austin Old Fashioned English Rose collection.
Climbing roses bring the flowers up close so you do not need to bend to get the fragrance.


Coloured Rose Tips

Yes there are some other coloured roses but white floats the Yorkshire boat. See Thompson Morgan for a selection of  Roses
Aim for distinctive colours rather than wishy-washy shades.
Roses have the ability to be Shock and Awe plants and colour is a key feature so you do not want one that fades into the back ground.

Canary Rose

Photo Credits
Rose by clouserw CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 From The Uncommon Rose farm
Rose logo bt sodacans CC attribution 3.5


Rambling Rose
A white rose finale for God’s Own County.

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