Yorkshire to Win Gold Medals

Yorkshire Gold is one of the many Yorkshire Forward quangos that will be concerned about their future with the demise of the RDA’s. (Regional development agency and putative regional assembly orchestrator under labour and John Prescott.)

The ‘business club’s’ aim is to help local companies win contracts including ‘Crossrail, the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and London Heathrow Terminal expansion’ but I am not impressed as most of the opportunities on the web site are past there sell by date (like Yorkshire Forward).

One interesting opportunity was to license Cycling and Wheeeled products for the Olympics but you had to know about Locog and what the acronym means. On your bike!
Oh that gives me a private enterprise idea read Cycling in the Hills of Yorkshire and Cycling Info.

Another quango organisation Competefor also offers tendering opportunities meant ‘To ensure the transparency and availability of London 2012 opportunities maximising the number and diversity of businesses contributing to the London 2012 programme, and create a legacy of increased capacity and expertise.’

All this was brought to you by Yorkshire Forward and ‘Solutions for Business funded by Government’ what a great strap line/name that is!

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