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I also run a Gardeners Tips web site which uses as theĀ  ‘root of my tips’ many of the plants and gardens in Yorkshire.
Obviously I recommend you visit the site, click on the green header for more posts and sign up for the RSS feed if you are so inclined.The Gloxinia photo is a double blind trial I am conducting on my web sites.

Spring Flowers

From the ‘root of my tips I branch out’ to one of Yorkshires great gardens Harlow CarrĀ  and if you visit the RHS garden this month you will see and smell many of the Witch Hazels that are in copious flower.
Witch Hazel

Under the shelter of the walls at York you will find several clumps of Helebores or relatives of the Christmas Rose and Lenten Rose. The example was in the area behind the Quilt Museum sadly now closed but the art gallery continues.


With these two blogs I can indulge 3 of my passions, Gardening, Yorkshire and Internet publishing.

Kew Snowdrops

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