Otley Chevin Forest Park Day Out


You might expect to find climbers on the rocks at the Chevin but I think you would be surprised to see elephants. (see at the bottom of the page)

      • The Chevin Forest Park is a wooded escarpment overlooking the market town of Otley with magnificent views of the Wharfe Valley.
      • Massive rock outcrops dominate the park which rises steeply to a height of 280m above sea level at its highest point. For bouldering enter the park at Caley Crags from the A660 Otley to Bramhope road.
      • The whole park was designated as a local nature reserve in 1989 in recognition of its fantastic wealth of wildlife.
      • There are a couple of orienteering courses available from the Airienteers website.
      • Geocaching   is a fun way to learn how to find your way around, using maps and following clues. There are six geocache sites for you to discoverand it is a fun activity to do with children – go to www.geocaching.com.
      • After a brisk walk there is nothing like a bacon buttie at the White House Cafe and Visitor Information Centre
      • When I spoke of surprising elephants I was not thinking about surprise view which is a good place to park and access the Chevin from York Gate road by the Royalty pub. From this lofty spot 280 meters circa 800 feet high you can look down on Leeds Bradford airport runway and watch the planes take off and land. Also there are views of the Wharfe Valley, Otley, Pool and off towards York
      • For the wild life enthusiast there is a deal of flora and fauna to look at.

Chevin Forest

  • There are a number of different woodland types within the Chevin Forest Park.
  • Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland can be found beyond the West Chevin Road.
  • The Danefield area of the park contains plantations of mixed broadleaved and coniferous woodland.
  • As the photos show there is wood sculpture as part of the natural management of the wooded areas.
  • Those infested with Himalayan balsam were subject to a lot of effort last year by volunteers who removed the weed by hand.
  • Great Dib Wood is designated a site of special scientific interest SSSI due to its special geological interest. This includes features such as the exposures of rocks from the Namurian series, in particular the fossil rich bed known as the Otley Shell Bed.


A 5.5 mile walk around the Otley Chevin Forest trail will set your endorphins buzzing

The Chevin. forest  recommends walks or horse riding through the gentle woods, to picnics in the level grassy open areas at Danefield or climbing on the grit at Caley Crags as some of the activities you can try. I recommend the fun of an impromptu gamer of rounders off East Chevin road.
For more on Bouldering see link

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