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Soldier with 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment on Patrol in Afghanistan

Soldier with 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment on Patrol in Afghanistan

‘A soldier with 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment is pictured on patrol in the Nahr-e Seraj district of Helmand, Afghanistan.

B Coy (Company) 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment (1 Yorks) based at PB(Patrol Base) Rahim in Nahr-e Seraj North (NES North) District occupy PB Rahim itself and 3 small Check Points(CP) dotted around the Area of Operations (AO). B Company’s job is to ensure the security of the local population by conducting foot/vehicle patrols and Operations. B Coy’s works closely with the ANSF (Afghan Security Forces) particularly the ALP (Afghan Local Police) who are locally based’.

Photographer: Sgt Wes Calder RLC CC BY-NC 2.0
Image 45153537.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.uk

Band of Musicians

The Band of The Yorkshire Regiment is less than 4 years old and is one of the newest of the nineteen Territorial Army bands. The band is keen to recruit musicians looking to perform in a spare time basis without the full commitment of the Regular Army.

The Band performs in a variety of military and public events across our Regimental footprint area of Yorkshire and the North East of England. These include include dinner nights, marching displays, concerts, ensembles and other forms of groups. The Band recently visited Germany where it undertook this year’s fortnight training camp.

The Music of The Yorkshire Regiment

As you may expect of The Yorkshire Regiment it has a large number of musical pieces associated with the county and the regiment’s long history.

“Ca Ira” – The Regimental Quick March is the only piece of music to have been ‘in action’, when the 14th Regiment of Foot struck up the French Revolutionary song to then defeat the old enemy at the battle of Famars in 1793.
“The Duke of York” – The Regimental Slow March
“Yorkshire Lass” – 1st Battalion Quick March
“God Bless The Prince of Wales” – 1st Battalion Slow March
“Bonnie English Rose” – 2nd Battalion Quick March
“Maria Theresa” – 2nd Battalion Slow March
“The Wellesley” – 3rd Battalion Quick March
“Destiny” – 3rd Battalion Slow March
“On Ilkley Moor” – 4th Battalion Quick March
“The Duchess of Kent” – 4th Battalion Slow March
The Green Howards’ Funeral March” – The Regimental Funeral March

Credit to the Regimental band web page for their oeuvre but I hope they do not play as many wrong notes as they make spelling mistakes when they even get Ilkley wrong!
I would call it a Yorkshire sin but then I realise who I might be criticising and back off – Well done lads!

For information on Old Brass Bands see Brass Bands of Yorkshire and Yore

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