Village Shops

Burning to shop

Old fashioned, some village shops may be but they are an important part of our heritage.
Keep using village shops and speciality retailers in your area or you know what will happen.

Flowers Shop

This Hull location may have been intended as a wholesale outlet but boarded up shops are a feature in towns and cities. City shops may be re-purposed but villages close down their shops and they are gone for good.

A sign of the times with a European flavourlondon jan 16 203


‘Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice; Life in a Yorkshire Village Shop’ from Hazel Weaver gives a good account of itself and life in a corner shop in the 1920’s & 30’s.
Hazel grew up in her father’s Huddersfield shop and a collection of stories recalls her memories of those times. Some tales are sad but some are truly hilarious.

Book Cover

‘The corner shop was not just a place to buy groceries. It was a place to meet familiar faces and help people out. People bought groceries on a daily basis and going to the corner shop provided many people with a daily routine. Yet finding the finances for groceries could be a struggle and, when times were hard, many people would have to obtain their groceries ‘on tick’.’ source amazon

Book Cover

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