Speleologists Visit Yorkshire

We are not talking about people spell incorrectly as speleology is the scientific study of caves and pot holes. Yorkshire has its fair share of such karst features, underground drainage systems, sinkholes and caves enough to interest most ardent speleologists.

Hardraw Force

Notable Yorkshire Sites to Study Speleomorphology

  1. What causes erosion around   England’s highest single drop waterfall at Hardraw Force hidden behind the Green Dragon Inn Hawes. It was water not beer or brass band music.
  2. Gaping Ghyll pot hole on the southern flank of Ingleborough was first decended on Yorkshire day 1895.
  3. At Giggleswick there is a well that displays sudden rushes of water. This is caused by two chambers eroded in to the limestone near Settle creating a syphon effect. It was first reported in 1612.
  4. White Scar Cavern has lakes and rock formations (stalagtites going down).
  5. I leave budding Speleologists to discover the location of other treasures like Rumbling Hole, The Fairies Workshop and Boggart Holes





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