Where’er You Wander

otley 009

Holidays or work trips looming? Do not forget the words to Home Sweet Home an old folk song once banned as it was thought it encouraged desertion in the American forces. …..

‘There’s no place like home
Well I say now home, home sweet home
There’s no place like home
Wherever you wander
There’s no place like home’

For home you will doubtless be reading Yorkshire

‘There’s no place like Yorkshire
Well I say now Yorkshire, home sweet Yorkshire
There’s no place like Yorkshire
Wherever you wander
There’s no place like Yorkshire’


So forget your far off Continents, European Unionites or even other UK counties and stick to home spun Yorkshire. There is no place like it.


‘Where’er You Wander’ with words¬† by Alexander Pope¬† which Handel set to music is also evocative of our Yorkshire Dales and glades.

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