Repeal the Local Government Act 1972

‘Enough is enough’ as many true Yorkshire folk would say. It is too long since we achieved a repeal of the act of parliament that messed unnecessarily with our county boundaries and organisations. I know you can’t easily unravel such a ball of tangled string but beware of what  follows, more false savings, gerrymandering,  political posturing and another reorganised North Yorkshire Combined Council.

Changes and Effects Caused by the Act

  • South Yorkshire was an invented myth that lingers like the taste of  ginger.
  • Met Districts became the focus for large authorities with growing power complexes
  • Aldermen were killed off and sheriffs were promoted to be high sheriffs and small charter trustees created.
  • The new controls  were supposed to be a two-tier the system but turned out to be three-tier and like a lot of local government it grew like Topsy. It retained civil parish councils (arguably the most effective of the lot).
  • Health care and water supply / sanitation were taken over by separate, non-elected authorities.(A duff abdication of accountability)
  • Recognising some errors the 1990’s brought back the East Riding as a reorganised local government authority  with new boundary changes.
  • Political ducking and diving generated last minute ‘geographical’  changes for  Ossett and Rothwell.
  • A pound to a penny a reduction in overall cost was not even one of the lesser effects.

North Yorkshire Council Reorganisation 2023

‘A single new council for everyone in North Yorkshire’ will launch on 1 April 2023. It will cover District Councils, in Harrogate, Skipton/Craven, Richmondshire,  Ryedale, Selby District  and Scarborough. Surprise, surprise it will exclude York City Council which will still be run by the Vikings.

The new council reports it will ‘retain a main office in each former district supported by around 30 additional local customer access points.’ That’s modern economising for you. The foolish mandarins couldn’t have chosen a more suitable day to launch, April 1st. The changes to productivity may be even bigger than the current working from home initiative!)


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