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Revised Yorkshire Parliamentary Boundaries

We are overdue for a rebalancing of parliamentary constituencies to relate more closely to current and anticipated populations. The last changes for England & Wales was in  2010 so about 8 years late (normal for the civil service?)

The Boundary Commission current consultations closed last year and final recommendations will go to parliament by 1 July 2023.

Boundary Commission for England recommends changes that must be based on constituencies having no less than 69,724 Parliamentary electors and no more than 77,062 electors. This has led to 650 constituencies distributed to the four parts of the UK as follows:

  • England = 543,
  • Scotland = 57
  • Wales = 32
  • Northern Ireland = 18

Yorkshire will be unchanged with 54 constituencies as it happens 10% of the English total. There will be some local tweaking. London and South East will get 9 more MP’s  but the North East and North West  will be reduced by 4.

The detail available is vast and this link provides access to maps and geo data for Yorkshire and Humberside

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