Identity Politics None Woke Version

What \can Sigmund Freud Teach Our Politicians

  • The id is the unconscious primitive and instinctual part of the mind that contains sexual and aggressive drives etc. Many politicians spring to mind if you consider this.
  • The super-ego brings lots more politicians to mind. It is supposed to operate as a moral conscience: are you following Boris?
  • In Yorkshire ‘e-ego on then’ encourages politicians to stand for election again and again and again.

Vote in Yorkshire’s May Local Government Elections

Before you will be allowed to exercise your universal suffrage right to vote you will need to prove your identity or have a registered postal vote.  Voters wishing to apply to their council for free ID should first make sure they are registered to vote. The rules are new and Kirklees MDC  explain  ‘Accepted forms of ID include a UK, European Economic Area  or Commonwealth passport; a UK, EEA or Commonwealth drivers’ licence; and some concessionary travel passes, such as an older person’s bus pass or an Oyster 60+ card’ (in Kirklees I should coco). Voters will be able to use expired ID if they are still recognisable from the photo. I am not recognisable even from any current photograph.

Muddying the waters still further, to get a Voter Authority Certificate you must be registered to vote and register online at

No more being ticked off a list at a polling station more likely an officious third degree from yet more civil?public servants. Will the rule change work to  stimulate electors to generate more or fewer votes. I know what I think.


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