Jowett Javelin Bradford or Lea Francis Coventry

Lea Francis

Lea Francis cars and motor bikes date back to 1895 in Coventry.
A total of almost 10,000 Lea-Francis vehicles were made until production ceased after the 1960 Lea-Francis Lynx failed to capture the buying public’s attention.
Barrie Price, an old employee has continued to provide service and spares for the surviving cars, and has also built a number of “modern” Lea-Francis motor cars reviving the model name “Ace of Spades.”

The Lea Francis owners club organise rallies and socila events see LFOC This picture was taken in West Yorkshire the main reason it features on this site.

Jowett Javellin

Jowett Javelin were an award-winning British car that was produced from 1947 to 1953 by Jowett of Bradford. Approximately 23,000 cars were produced of different models with five variants each having a standard and “de luxe” option.
The 1952 International RAC Rally was class-won by a Javelin.

The Jowett Jupiter was a hand built car whose parts started life as sheet steel or sheet brass. ‘The sheets were guillotined to size, nibbled to shape, and then formed by hand over wood or steel formers or jigs. In fact, the Jowett Jupiter Sports Car was built entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen.’ Jowett Jupiter web site

Jowett Cars

Museum piece now in Idle close to the original factory at Bradford’s Industrial Museum.


An old van in the livery of the local newspaper.

Lea Francis

The grill of the Lea Francis almost reflecting the photographer/editor in the well polished chrome work.

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