Yorkshire Grace

Mount Grace Priory
Mount Grace Priory Staddle Bridge, Northallerton, on Flickr thanks to Ambersky235 under creative commons license

British by birth – Yorkshire by the grace of God!!!!!!!

Celebrating ‘Grace’ at Dinner or Tea

God bless us all, an’ mak us able
Ta eyt all t’ stuff ‘at’s on this table…

Over the lips and thru the gums look out stomach here it comes!

We thank the Lord for what we’ve getten:
But if mooare ‘ad been cutten
Ther’d mooare ‘a’ been etten…

“Thank you God for this food….Even if you didn’t have to pay for it.” Carol J Dobson

Ere’s ter me,
An’ mi wifes husband
Nooan fergettin’ missen

Them ‘at eyts mooast puddin’ gets mooast meyt. (Yorkshire Pudding served first of course)

Rabbits hot and Rabbits cold
Rabbits young and Rabbits old
Rabbits tender Rabbits tough
We thank the Lord we’ve had enough

Other Sayings

Its a good hoss that niver stumbles
and a good wife that niver grumbles…

Tha can allus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha can’t tell him much…

And finally Lets all say grace

Hebden Bridge

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