Best Punning Yorkshire Shops

Air on a G spot
If you want to play guitar in the Aire valley then call in to this shop at Greengates just up the road from the river itself.
However, if like me you have settled for the Air Guitar then I can sell you one for around £25.

Looking for a fireplace?

Go to Blazes

Pedals R us

Its a shoo in for this temporary business but that is not ‘Shunique’, ”Oh my sole’ or the less wholesome ‘R.Soles’, ‘Athletes Foot’ or ‘Aerosoles’ are coming to put the boot into your local shoe shop.

Burning to shop

After my last ‘Godloves’ Solicitors page I have seen a picture of ‘The Biggest Receiver of Stolen Goods’ a secondhand shop. Linking to the old sore is the white goods shop ‘SellFridges’ and of course Boots don’t sell them either..
I tried not to smile at Hair O’Dynamics but ‘Rhubarbers’ wins this months award.

Boroughbridge 008

Dave Clark Five are not quite performing at Pickering. I like the idea of not having to pay for my Pizza if I eat indoors.

Pickering pizzaAnd from the EU we have a late entry into the Eurovision sausage competition.

london jan 16 203

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