Blea Moor Bog

Tarn on Whernside

From the Station Inn at Ribblehead, Gents get a view that may or may not be available to Ladies visiting the same establishment. Blea Moor Bog is in full view and then you can look out of the window.

For affectionadoes of the Settle to Carlisle Line here are some facts about its construction and location

  • The construction started in 1869 and took 7 years of almost exclusive hand construction.
  • The ground was so soft ‘a bog-cart with a barrel instead of wheels was some times used. Horses often sank to their bellies in the soft ground …’  for more read The Navvyman ‘The Long Drag‘.
  • Ribblehead Viaduct has 24 arches and the tunnel under Blea Moor is over a mile long.  On the line there were 325 bridges 21 viaducts and 13 other tunnels.
  • The Settle-Carlise web site  with lots more information and timetables can be seen  on and the even more informative S-C Railway.

Look out for Steam Specials that run through summer at weekends. Alternatively take Shanks’ (porcelain) pony or your car and stop off at Blea Moor for the bog!

Tarn on Whernside by Bods CC BY-SA 2.0

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