Work, Consumption and Capitalism

Yorkshire born lass Lynne Pettinger has just been rewarded for her efforts to have her new book  ‘Work, Consumption and Capitalism’ published. The result is a well produced and printed paperback by Palgrave a ‘macmillan education’ imprint.

Book Cover

 As the books blurb says  ‘ Work, consumption and capitalism are big topics, but Lynne Pettinger does a magnificent job of bringing all three together. Her book is admirably clear and careful but never patronising, and those qualities will make it a terrific resource for students and researchers alike. -David   Hesmondhalgh, Professor of Media, Music and Culture, University of Leeds, UK.

At the end of each chapter is  a research task and suggested discussion points and I found this a way to unify the subject and encourage me to keep reading and thinking. As with other books and presentations by academics I have belatedly come to appreciate how business and capitalists can learn from such  ‘interdisciplinary insights’  and hopefully apply the new knowledge in their environments.

Doctor Hook in Leeds

But using the denim analogy and Levi Strauss, as the book does, I am sure Dr Hook would say to Dr Pettinger

‘Baby makes her blue jeans, yes she makes her blue jeans talk
Baby makes her blue jeans, yes she makes her blue jeans talk
You know what she’s thinking about and it turns you inside out
She don’t say nothing but, baby makes her blue jeans talk’

Another  Dr  Hook was the Vicar of Leeds when Queen Victoria processed through the town in 1858. He is reported as  making a significant impact on the heritage of the rapidly expanding Leeds being directly responsible for the construction of over 20 new churches. Many now sadly lost. ( Dr Hooks missing churches Building



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