Yorkshire Rarebit and Fishfinger Butties

Karuna’s Posh Fish Finger Buttie

1) Very lightly spread 2 slices of white bread with butter or spread.
2) Top one slice with 4 grilled Birds Eye Fish Fingers (only the best will do)
3) Add 2 thin slices of Emmenthal cheese
4) Dip in Daddies sauce or Tomato Ketchup

5) For a southern version ‘Drizzle with Tartar sauce, pop on a few sprigs of rocket’, then top with the second slice of bread.

6) Admire your work of art, then scoff with enthusiasm

Yorkshire Rarebit for two or one big appetite

25 gram of butter
25 gram of plain flour
125ml of milk
125ml of black sheep ale or an ale of your choice
125 gram of mature Wensleydale cheese
1 tsp. English mustard powder
few drops of Yorkshire Relish
1 egg
4 Slices of bread

Melt butter and add flour, make into a roux, add milk and ale
Stir over heat until it becomes a stiff sauce, add the mustard powder and the Relish stir
Then add the cheese, when all melted add the egg and stir.
Toast the bread, top each slice with some of the cheese mixture and brown under the grill serve at the end of a meal.
Eke it out with a couple of bacon rashers on the top.

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