Conviviality at Rhythm and Booze Your Offie


Rhythm and Booze born in Barnsley  ‘and one of Yorkshire’s finest Offies.’

Walking into a Rhythm and Booze off-licence was like walking into a cosy, but extremely well organised Aladdin’s Cave. I am partial to an occasional tipple and their wine selection is wide and good value. I was put on to our new local shop by members of the bowls club who are a set of winos (only kidding hic!).

Encouraged by the initial success of the Armthorpe branch in Barnsley they  opened in Doncaster, Wakefield, Otley, Sheffield, Ripon, Hull and recently in Garforth. Lots of Yorkshire off licenses in other words.

The sale  of a batch of 26 Rhythm & Booze stores  signaled the end of the road for the chain founded by the Swaine family in 1993. Just two years after Bibby – which also owns Costcutter – paid £3.8 million for the 68 shops and rebranded the Bargain Booze, it has said that the chain is not part of its long-term plans. Conviviality Retail bought the 26 stores and plans to convert them into Bargain Booze or Wine Rack stores.

It must refresh the parts other offies can’t reach because Conviviality is buying Bibendum the wine wholesaler.

Help Protect Your ‘Offie’.

  • Patronise Rhythm and Booze not sterile Tesco, Co-op or similar supermarkets.
  • Shop at your local off license or it may have to close down.
  • Times are always tough for smaller players in a competitive field and they need your trade.
  • Drink Canada Dry or at least drink your Offie dry.

It strikes me that many retailers are breaching the trades description act.

  • Boots do not sell boots, Body Shop stocks no bodies and Selfridges don’t.
  • Mountain Warehouse isn’t a big warehouse, Millets is for the birds, Burtons have gone for one.
  • You don’t go to Currys for a Curry
  • B&Q only have Q’s no Bees
  • I can’t see the French Connection to Iceland when they are both in Yorkshire
  • Superdrugs are Majestically available in Oddbins but will your Mothercare
  • Top Shop is at the bottom of the high street, (enough this is getting silly ed) .
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