Good Appetite Buon Apps


How do you start to wish someone well and enjoyment of their meal. Good appetite or as the French would have us say bon appétit doesn’t cut the mustard (Dijon or other).

I like the plain Yorkshire ‘Tuck in’ but it is seldom heard in posh establishments. ‘Eet up’ and  ‘get in dahn ya’ are for the refined roach coaches on the A1.

The Americans go for ‘Chow Down’ which seems more appropriate for dog food.

Buon appetito is the formal Italian but this canny restaurant in Otley has shortened it to Buon Apps. Just so long as they don’t cut the portions.

Not that I ever eat in places that speak these languages but ‘god appetitt’ Norwegian, ‘masă bună’ Romanian and ‘hyvä ruokahalu’ in Finnish also wish is well.

To finish (this post not a meal) I like a cross between a wish and grace;
‘Over t’teeth over t’gums look out stomach here it comes’.


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