Dandelions in Yorkshire

Weeds you may think! but connoisseurs think Dandelion think drink! or think wine to be more precise.

Dandelion wine is made from the flower petals and you are recommended to pick flowerheads mid- to late-morning. Remove the bitter stalks and depetal if you are keen.
Resulting dandelion wine is light and as it lacks body it can be beefed up with raisins, oranges or other fruit. Light it may be but potent it certainly can be.
After adding sugar the many yeasts in Dandelions get to work. The must starts cloudy but rapidly settles when fermentation is finished.
Traditionally picked on St Georges Day 23rd of April this may be a bit early for Yorkshire crops of Dandelions. Best to pick a time in early May when the fields are a mass of yellow (and I don’t mean from buttercups).

Eat dandelions if wine is not your cup of tea. Dandelion leaves contain abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A , C and K. Leaves are also a good source of calcium and iron, higher than spinach and good in a mixed salad.

Kill or cure dandelions if you are a gardener who has had their fill of dandy wine and faddish salad leaves. In these garden circumstances you will want dandelions to pop there clogs long before they seed and turn into clocks.

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