Hockney Rebel

If you are a Cockney Rebel when you come from London are you a Bradfordney Rebel or Yorkney Rebel from Yorkshire? naw tha’s just normal.
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‘Hockney’s Pictures’ is a retrospective of one of the most popular pop artist in the world today. Covering all media and presented thematically it shows David Hockney’s prolific paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints and photography.

From Hockney’s early years as an Art world rebel to acknowledged innovator, communicator and preeminent artist of world class.

Book Cover

Conversations with Paul Joyce entitled ‘Hockney on Art’ contains musings and insights, interspersed with works by the artists who have inspired David Hockney.

These books and many more with insights into David Hockney as the ‘enfant terrible’ are available from Amazon

Read about David Hockney his large tree painting and brief history on Gods Own County

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