Candlelighters Charity Beer

Light ale

Candlelight beer was brewed, by Wold Top Brewery, to help raise funds for the Candlelighter’s charity.I am not sure it is still available and my last bottle is now showing signs of age.

Who and What are Candlelighters

  • Candlelighters is a charity formed and run by parents of children who have or have had cancer.
  • Great help is also provided by ex-patients and the medical staff who treat the children.
  • ‘Based in Yorkshire, Candlelighters provides essential services and support to children with cancer and their families.’
  • Candlelighters charity has operated in Yorkshire since 1976
  • Candlelighters fund raising provides money for additional medical, nursing and social support staff.

Wold Top

The Wold Top Brewery

  • Beer is usually packaged in barrels or bottles, large ones for preference.
  • All credit to Wold brewery for this ‘pack of three’ for transporting my bottles. Good beer packaging of the month award!
  • Wold Top is on a family farm in Wold Newton near Driffield
  • Other beers include Wold Gold, Mars Magic and Centenary Way Mild

Candlelight beer

What about the Candlelight Beer

  • Despite the power sockets no one can hold a candle to this beer.
  • Alcohol strength is a sensible 4.3%
  • It is brewed from Driffield grown malting barley and made from local chalk filtered water.
  • Maris Otter malt and Wilamette hops give the beer a straw colour and clean crisp finish.

There are many ways to get involved and help with Candlelighters

Wold Top’s suppliers helped them top their dream of raising £10,000 including;

Charles Faram for hops
Croxsons for bottles
Fawcetts for malt
Justinor for gift boxes
Springfield for labels
three60 marketing and pr for publicity
Wicked Poppy Designs for label design
Wellington Inn, Lund for hosting the launch event that raised  over £1300.

You can help by drinking the beer as a % goes to the charity. Better still, send them the cash your beer free New Year resolution is saving you.

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