Amaranthus Plants – Not Very Yorkshire

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Your usual Yorkshire allotment is not full of Amaranthus at this time of year or any other for that matter.

There are over 60 varieties of amaranth grown as cereal or for the production of fancy flowers and flashy foliage.
The sprouting leaves can range from deep blood-red to light green, shot with purple veining.

Mexicans and various people around the world value amaranthus as leaf vegetables, cereals, and ornamental plants. The African name is ‘Chewa’, in the Caribbean ‘Callaloo’ and the Chinese call Amaranthus ‘Bayam’ for use in stir fries. In the UK it is mainly grown as an ornamental annual.

Amaranth purpurea

Amaranthus is available as seed in several varieties from Thompson & Morgan. You can shock Yorkshire next summer with your new found plants.
Amaranthus paniculatus ‘Autumn Palette’ has attractive, tall, feathery spikes of cream and biscuit shades will gently ruffle in the slightest breeze. Quick and easy to grow by following these tips.Amaranthus adds height and interest to summer displays right through to the autumn and can be used as an intriguing cut flower.

Home Near Meadowhall

The Amaranthus housing development in Sheffield has a rich history with links to the former Wincobank Hall and surrounding Wincobank Woods. With a mix of existing and new residents this village has a real sense of community spirit. Just the place for your Allotment

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