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We are launching a simple new book club but we are not reprising books covered earlier even though due to popular demand we may show the odd link. The God’s Own County Book Club is an internet phenomenon based on the well known and respected Yorkshire blog (says the ed).
If you have missed some of the literary master pieces in Gods Own County over the last couple of years worry not, (don’t fret thisen the Lord will provide translations in ‘Ee by Gum, Lord!: The Gospels in Broad Yorkshire’ by Arnold Kellett.

The Book Club Rules

There are no rules at ‘Yorkshire – God’s Own County Book Club’.
There is no formal or informal membership.
There are no regular meetings or irregular meetings either.
There is no obligation to read, own or even glance at any of the books covered.

Observations about – God’s Own County’s Book Club

Many but not all the books reviewed or considered will have been read by the staff (of one).
Many but not all the books reviewed or considered will be rubbish or scarcely worth the effort but there may be an occasional gem worth dusting off the bookmark for.
Many but not all the books will have a link to or with Yorkshire!
Feel free to comment in the footnotes ‘Leave a reply’ comments section.
Feel free to recommend other title for consideration and inclusion in our reading list.
Slow readers will be welcome and remember their lips will not wear out as quickly.

Book Cover
God’s Own County Bookmark Keep Calm Carry on Reading.

A Couple of Recommendations to get you Started

16 million selling author of detective thrillers, Charlotte Link offers us all ‘The Other Child’.
Memories of Hull
Mike Pannett and Martyn Johnson books by former policemen

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