Yorkshire Fathers Day Top Ten Songs

Go on sing him a song for this Fathers Day! It is cheap and may be cheerful and certainly noisy!

  1. Don’t Jump off the Roof Dad – Tommy Cooper
  2. Dads Army Song You Tube
  3. Father & Son – Cat Stevens You Tube
  4. Oh My Papa – Eddie Fisher You Tube
  5. Daddy Cool – Boney M You Tube
  6. Hello Mudder Hello Father – Alan Sherman You Tube
  7. Sonny Boy – Al Jolson You Tube
  8. Boy Named Sue – Johnny Cash You Tube
  9. Dad Life Dad Rap – Dad Life You Tube
  10. Daddy Come and get me – Dolly Parton

A book by Alan Titchmarsh may be a titchy present for the Yorkshire gardening father.
Audio Books for a Dales Father’s Day include novels, sporting and biographic themes

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