Ee By Gum Book Readers

Ee by gum they now have computers or electronic devices that read your books for you, so you don’t need to bother! Well not quite, on many levels.


Entry Level E Book Readers

The batteries do most of the work or not if you forget to recharge them.
The software can’t read at all. All software and programmes can do is represent a digital stream of binary data as letters in liquid crystal display, a bit like morse code on speed!
You still need to buy or acquire ‘the books’. Local charity shops and jumble sales are still looking for ways to get digital donations.
After learning a new language of downloads, Kobos and Kindles you are nearly set to acquire your first complete work.

Level 2 E Book Readers

Let us get this straight you do the reading! If you don’t it isn’t reading!
Talking books have been around for ‘yonks’ and are a digital light year from e books (so the youngsters tell us).
Now you are kitted up with an ‘ebook reader’ you can load up and get browsing. (not as easy as flicking the pages to my mind nor as tactile but I am an old fashioned dinosaurs [so the youngsters tell me]).

Three E Book Readers from 57 Varieties

The all-new Kindle – Lighter smaller faster so was the last one heavy, big slow and clunky?
The ARCHOS 70 eReader is the ultimate e reader with a 7″ TFT color screen it is as big as a paperback. 10 hours of battery life, so you may be half way through your second book (or first for us slow readers).
The Sony PRS-T1 is ‘ultra slim and lightweight reader with superior paper-like touch screen and Wi-Fi. Ah paper like thats sounds like the one for me at £129 to feel like paper it is only paper money.

Ee By Gum Mild Marketing

Waterstones shops have succumbed and are now selling e readers in partnership with Amazon. Good for them, I hope it helps fund real book shops for a bit longer. GOC recommend you buy (if you must) your Kindle, Sony, Kobe or what ever from them. In the event you are not so keen remember you can make your purchases through Yorkshire at

‘Ee By Gum’ it’s an amazing fact that Amazon now have over 1,000,000 books available in digital format so come on readers get reading.

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