Do You Want to Know More About York History?

We all learn in different ways and with our senses used in differing proportions.
There may be more than a grain of truth in Edgar Allan Poe saying….“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” but that would be an indictment of our teachers, lecturers and parents from whom we pick up so much.

York has taken the experiential route to letting visitors get to know more about it’s history. The top attraction at Yorvik Viking centre is a major experience of hands on learning. The approach to archeology and the history of churches in York is also helping further the cause.
I have been on the ‘walk and talk tours’ of York to ‘learn’ about the ghosts and you do pick things up by osmosis even if the ghosts are just that ‘ghostly’. A better tour is the open topped bus with a bit of commentary linked to what you are looking at.
Museums have moved on during the last 20 years and the profession of curating has grown in stature. The use of audio technology, links to the exhibits via graphics and panels adds to the fun and knowhow being demonstrated.

When all is said and done you can also pick up a book that helps you delve deeper into the history of a subject. Start with an open mind and consider who is writing and for what purpose. The books selected below are not primarily for entertainment, as ‘orrible ‘istories would be, but are based on years of research, experience and learned study.

Book Cover
The History of York: From Earliest Times to the Year 2000 by Patrick Nuttgens

Book Cover

The history of ‘Medieval York’ by Gareth Dean

Book Cover
Roman York (Revealing History) by Patrick Ottaway

In Summary if You Want to Know More About York History

Look and listen with an inquiring mind and think about the context of what you are learning.
Experience York through your own visit and customise a trip that suits you. You learn more when experience is appropriate and you are in a positive frame of mind.
I guess Edgar Alan Poe was thinking about politicians and the media when he could have said believe nothing that you hear even if it is on TV.

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