A Hull of a Yorkshire Book Club Choice

Hull Marina

Preface to Yorkshire Book Club (B1)

As we develop our internet book club we are learning different lessons and trying to put them into practice.
Our main focus will be on a book a month with a reference (A..)with a number. These books are worth reading via a library or buying your own Kindle or hard copy.
Books reference (B..) are interesting alternatives that may be worth acquiring, perusing or ignoring. They are more likely to have a Yorkshire slant and be all the better for that.

Book Cover

‘Memories of Hull’ contains pages and pages of pure nostalgia and if that is not enough then there is now a ‘More Memories of Hull’.
Based around the many black & white photographs of Kingston upon Hull by Donald Innes the book is designed to evoke happy memories for a town that has always had to work hard. There are over 300 photos covering Sport, Work, Docks and Civic occasions. The text is simple easy to read and to the point.
In it’s day this could have been a coffee table book for those connected to Hull and now it is a piece of social history.

Yorkshire God’s Own County Book Club Opinion

Memories of Hull books are available secondhand from Amazon and various book shops.
If you see new copies being sold as remainders they are worth buying as birthday and Christmas presents for various relatives. I got my copies from the local library and I would encourage you to use their services to track down the books if they do not have them on their shelves.
The books are not as strong on the sea, docks and ships as you might expect so we included a photo of the Hull Marina above.

Yorkshire God’s Own County Footnotes

As a more substantial record ‘The Story of Hull’ by Richard Gurnham covers the history of Hull from 12th century Cistertian Monks to the floods of 2010.
Memories of Hull is published by True North Books a specialist book publishing company based in West Yorkshire, producing lavishly illustrated nostalgia books about Yorkshire and other odd places.
Credit photo Hull Marina by Quite Adept CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Spurn Light

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