Why Walk the Yorkshire Way

In these corvid times Yorkshire folk have been given permission by the government nay, encouragement to walk (once a day keeping your distance etc). Walking is free, simple and health enhancing and in Yorkshire what is not to like?

Old Drovers Flags   Idle West Riding

The sun wasn’t cracking the flags when this snap was taken. If you stray off the path you will be in clover.

Almscliff Crags in light snow

North Yorkshire is anything but boring. The snow could have landed on this path up to the crag in any month but not on Christmas day.

Lone Walker at Ingleton Falls

Walkers of Yorkshire Quotes

  1. ‘There are few better things for toning your thighs and sorting your head’ Sarah Baxter
  2. …the beauty is in the walking  – we are betrayed by destinations.   Gwyn Thomas
  3. Walking is man’s best medicine  Hippocrates
  4. You don’t need a road map to know which way the feet go  Bob Dylan
  5. Oy! get back to Lancashire  Unknown farmer

Yorkshire & Humberside Distance Walks

Lest you forget ‘Why walk the Yorkshire way’

  1. I will remind you it is free! 
  2. There are so many great places to visit and views to admire.
  3. There is nowt like Yorkshire
  4. Did I mention walking is free
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