Knitting for Yorkshire

How many gold medals will Yorkshire win at the London Olympics and is there was a medal for knitting? It may be a ‘needle contest’ but knitted Yorkshire gold would be a sure-fire top of the podium for Yorkshire’s best knitters.
A runner up medal for fourth place to complement Gold, Silver and Bronze would be Pearl (I mean purl).

Knitting Bears

You may not have time to knit all the different sports and contestants before the opening ceremony! Considering you have now probably finished your Jubilee project and probably the shirts and favours for Euro 2012 Football teams, Olympic figures are something to get your needles into. Knitting for gold will not mean you need gold thread in your yarn but then again you would stand out from the crowd.

Knitting Bears

From ‘Knitty Gritty knitting for beginners’ through to ‘400 Stitches a guide to essential stitch patterns’ there are books a plenty to teach and improve your knitting to say nothing about actual patterns.
See a good list of books on knitting here.

Knitting Bears

God’s Own County Kitting References

We do not have references like those you need to get a job or knitted example of work to be able to knit garments for retailers like Swaledale Woolens but we have a couple of links to knitting tradition.
‘The Old Hand-knitters of the Dales’ was written by Marie Hartley a great chronicler of Yorkshire its folk and dales.
Visit the Dent Village Heritage Centre and learn about the ‘Terrible Knitters of Dent’ or read a bit more on this web site.
Returning to our Olympic theme the Daily Mail’s recent story of Residents of Saltburn in North Yorkshire shows some good Knitted Olympians.
Knitting and Knattering is a club on Doncaster that you may wish to look up.

If your interest is in textiles and quilts read more about Quilts and Quilting and the York Museum here

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  1. Dent - Rocks, Knits and Drinks - God's Own County - April 15, 2016

    […] Dent is famous for its knitters. In the 18th century, both men and women knitted, often while walking to the fields. Their output of hand-knitted gloves and socks was enormous, providing an important supplementary income. If you want to learn more about the social conditions and customs of the dale call in at the Dent Village Heritage Centre and learn about the ‘Terrible Knitters of Dent’. Men, women and children knitted massive amounts of woollen knitwear for sale in distant towns and cities. Taught from childhood, the residents of Dent and Dentdale soon gained a reputation because of their incredible speed and productivity. It seemed that every spare minute was spent knitting – but it was a much needed supplement to the meager family incomes of farmers and lead-miners alike. The knitters held a rough looking knitting stick under their arm pit so as to keep one hand free for ‘what ever’. They are reputed to keep knitting unless asleep or at Church! This ancient tradition still survives, beside the Village Green in Dent you can find Sophies Wild Woollens, producing exquisite quality designer knitwear. Bringing Knitting up to date you can read Knitting for Yorkshire here. […]

  2. Marie Hartley's Gayle - God's Own County - April 16, 2016

    […] Bringing Knitting up to date you can read Knitting for Yorkshire here […]

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