Litter and Wheelie Bins

This Leeds street looks comparatively clear of rubbish at least until you look closely. Ignoring the weeds growing on the kerb and in the gutters there is still a lot of detritus down the street that should be in bins.

There is a large number, by my count 20 wheelie bins that could have contained this rubbish but householders or the bin collectors haven’t bothered binning it. It is hard to say if it has been collection day or not. The bins are not overflowing and are in some order whilst my emptied bins tend to be randomly arranged after the operatives visit. By the same token the handles on the bins do not look like they are collection vehicle friendly – I have to have the handles facing the road

What is the collective noun for Wheelie Bins? Is a ‘Litter of bins’ too obvious? I have heard of a herd of bins in a poem by Les Barker but a bevvy, collection or congregation would all fit. Is a bin replacement service, a spillage or an overflow a form of collective name because one of those would get my vote. Before I get into some Barney Rubble I will trouble the editor with a look around at other bin locations.

Birmingham having overfull wheelie bins rolled out over the city. It’s what the wheels are for.

Wheelie Bins Around the Country

  • Residents with missing bins in Leeds are given the following patronising information  ‘ If your bin has gone missing on collection day, please check with your neighbours to make sure it hasn’t been taken by mistake. If you don’t find it, it may have fallen into the collection wagon. If this is the case, a new bin will have been automatically ordered by our crew and will be delivered within 7 – 14 working days.’ Oh yes believe that if you will.
  • In Cardiff  ‘if you live in a property that has recycling and waste collected in bins you will need to have
    • All bins​​, bags and kerbside caddies  put out before 6am on the day of collection or no earlier than 4:30pm the day before.
    • Collections run throughout the day from 6am till 10pm.
    • Please return your emptied bins and food caddies to your property boundary by 9am the day after collection. (No sleep for the wicked).
  • Cambridgeshire encouraged the BBC to take a lighthearted look at the issues surrounding wheelie bins and the result can be seen here.
  • In Yorkshire there are 22  local authorities collecting refuse of which 15 are also directly responsible for disposal, All but 4 have services provided in house or in partnership. Sheffield and Doncaster are notable exceptions having contracted with Veolia and Sita UK respectively
  • Wakefield has the lowest recycling percentage with 65% of refuse going into landfill.
  • North Yorkshire and the East Riding have the largest weight of refuse per person at 500kg per year.


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