Hose Pipe Ban 2022 Not Enough Sunshine

So here we are again time to visit Burnt Yates or see the fields on fire at Burns-all.

‘Do you remember 1995 when Yorkshire Water excelled itself during the last severe drought and water shortages.Water rationing, bans and tankering fresh water supplies only partially alleviated the problem for the most hated water company in what Ofwat described as a “failure to deliver the standards required to consumers”. (If your memory fails seek out a super folk record by Peter Coe ‘The PR Man from Hell’ on his CD Long Company)

Sarcastically I predicted it would be happening again after   recent light drizzle (aka floods galore) in late September and early October 2019.

  • Hose pipe bans will accompany the flood reparations in the dales.
  • Empty reservoirs will be created by the York flood defense work.
  • Bathing with a friend never really stopped in Yorkshire ‘cos we will save owt but once again it may become compulsory.
  • Yorkshire Tea and Harrogate water will be endangered products.
  • There will be no high water at our East Coast seaside.’


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