Flower Fund Homes in West Yorkshire

There are several charities in West and North Yorkshire set up to provide homes for independent retired folk. Flower fund homes have been set up, managed and built since the 1950’s all on a voluntary basis.
The original funding idea, or flower fund principal may have originated from local rotary clubs. The idea is one where donations could be made in lieu of funeral flowers or by bequest.

Flower Fund Home Charities

  • Spenborough Flower Fund Homes
  • Bingley, Littlelands
  • Aireborough Flower Fund
  • Harrogate
  • Scarborough
  • Bradford

If you are aware of any other flower fund areas please let us know via the comments section.

For a fuller story on Yorkshire Flower Fund Homes read Housingmarket.co.uk

Fund Raising

  • With so many demands on funding and the high cost of housing these charities find it hard to keep building new homes.
  • Any house building is to be welcomed at the moment and the government could do worse than encourage a whole new flush of Flower fund charities. It fits in well with The Big Society. It also fits with the agenda that wants to see retired folk downsize to make more space available for young families.
  • Each Flower Fund is an independent charity.
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