10 Reasons Yorkshire is the Best Place To Live

Yorkshire Tea

National Parks

Yorkshire exclusively has two National Parks – The Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors (we share some of the Peak District with Derbyshire). Both give a range of unspoilt natural beauty. Outside of the National Parks, there are still many aonb’s beautiful areas – Nidderdale, Haworth moors e.t.c. Yorkshire gives an unparalleled display and variety of scenic countryside.


Bradford was the first industrial city and at the forefront of the great industrial revolution in the nineteenth century. Today Bradford has reinvented itself as a city of peace and multiculturalism.

Yorkshire Cricket Club.

Yorkshire have won the county champions a record 30 times – making them by far the most successful cricket county in Britain. Yorkshire has also produced some of England’s greatest cricketers from the fiery fast bowling of Fred Trueman to the imperious batting of Geoff Boycott.

Yorkshire Tea

OK, it might not be grown in the foothills of the Yorkshire Dales, but, it is a quintessential Yorkshire brew – strong, dark and invigorating.

We Say it how it is.

Yorkshireman are known for their no nonsense straight talking. A spade’s a spade and we don’t suffer fools gladly. You will always know where you are with a Yorkshireman – no false flattery or lack of gumption for saying it how it is.
We do not say a lot but when we do it is likely to be pithy, blunt and to the point.

Last of the Summer Wine

There’s life even in the oldest of Yorkshireman. As this series set in the picturesque Haworth (near Holmfirth? Yorkshire humour and bad geography O level) shows.

Steel and Coal.

It’s no mistake to say Great Britain was built with Yorkshire steel and Yorkshire coal. Sheffield once provided 50% of the world’s steel and Yorkshire’s coal mines are well known for their prolific output.

A Nice cup of Tea

It’s only in a county like Yorkshire that within a short distance you can go from the grime of Coal mines to the luxury of a Betty’s tea room with stately cups of tea and scones.

Yorkshire Dialect

There is something refreshing about the dialect of Yorkshire. Words like gumption, rapscallion, are all great words which make a fascinating conversation.

  • thers nowt sae kweer as fowk – People can be the strangest of things at times

Yorkshire Humour

A couple are playing ‘I spy’ in the kitchen of their home somewhere in Yorkshire
‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with T’ said the husband.
“Tea pot said the wife.” ‘Nay Lass!’
“Tea towel.” ‘Nay Lass!’
“Toaster.” ‘Nay Lass!’ he said, drumming his fingers on the work top.
“Oh I don’t know” she said at long last “I give in”
‘It’s easy’ he said. ‘It’s t’oven!’

More humourous slogans

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