Yorkshire Premiership Soccer Limelight

What do Sheffield United, Hull FC, Sheffield Wednesday, Barnsley FC, Middlesbrough Huddersfield Town, Bradford City and Leeds United all have in common? Loyal fans, tenacity and club spirit undoubtedly but also  records of promotion and relegation to and from the premiership.

Why the Yo-YO Effect

  • Well unfortunately not every club has yet Yo-Yoed but we live in hope.
  • The glory days often last just one season then the clubs are sussed out, opposition tactics target the off-cumdens and relegation too quickly follows.
  • Inconsistency within club ownership such as incompetence, financial mismanagement and ‘pride coming before a fall’ feature high in any list of causes.
  • Is there a level playing field? Yes there are 11 men on the pitch through each game of the season but there are no level bank balances.
  • TV rights and sponsorship go hand in glove with success and a north south divide means our clubs are not as desirable to those making the money decisions in those areas. We are often short of brass.
  • I don’t want to blame gate receipts, squad sizes, transfer fees, international competitions, worldwide recognition or any other causes.
  • It is what it is.

For more detailed analysis of Yorkshire teams time in the premiership you could do worse than look at this website.

Every Yorkshire Club In Premier League History – RANKED

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