Ghost Hunting in Yorkshire

As you would expect Yorkshire has more than it’s fair share of ghouls, ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Numerous event organisations will help the hunting of the paranormal but there is more fun by ghost hunting on your own or with close family. Here are a few tips to get you and your imagination stimulated.

York Minster

 Top Ghosts  Locations

  1.  The supernatural are or have been ‘natural’ in a former life and visitations will come from those who have already lived and died.
  2. Castles and old abbeys are a good place to potential come across ghosts. Bloody battles have often been fought in or around castles and Richmond, Ripley and Scarborough castles are worth exploring. I have even hear of sightings at smaller castles and old buildings.
  3. The phantom drummer of Easby abbey is a young drummer boy who was sent by soldiers, to explore a tunnel connecting the castle and abbey, whilst they listened to his drumming  from above. When he was halfway the drumming stopped and he was never seen again but his drumming can still be heard during evenings and nights.
  4. Battle ground, graveyards and battlefields are locations where ghosts may deliberately appear so they are seen by the living.
  5. Locations that experienced crimes or unfortunate accidents are becoming popular sites for ghosts. Near Boulby Cliff near Staithes the ghost of a young girl has been seen walking along the edge of the cliff where many years ago a landslip took a girl to a premature death.
  6. Whitby and York are famous or should it be infamous for the number and variety of ghosts and apparitions. Enjoy a walking trip around either place but a warning, take special care you don’t know what you may come across.



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