Hillbilly of Yorkshire

Yorkshire can rightly boast about the ‘three peaks’ but little did we know that they hid the Yorkshire Hillbillies. The group have escaped from the set of Emmerdale Farm and The Commercial at Esholt. That is why they are called the Woolpackers with Zak Dingle on drums, Lisa Dingle on fiddle, Terry Woods lead singer and Vic Windsor.

Sadly the video has been blocked in the UK due to copyright rules.

Hillbilly Rock should have a minty red sauce on the outside and Emmerdale written through the rock. At least that is what the rock of Whitby, Scarborough and Filey tastes like.

American Hillbillies obviously were not named after Yorkshire emigrants as the term has derogatory connotations. US Hillbillies tend to live in the rural sticks and enjoy homemade hooch and a reputation for low educational qualifications.

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