Yelp for Yorkshire

Yelp is another web directory created by social networkers. Yelp claims to be ‘the fun and easy way to find and talk about great (and not so great) local businesses’ but it is not so great when it comes to Yorkshire!
A stockbroker was recommending Yelp as the next great thing but I can’t see it myself. It may have been better calling it Yuck!


I tried using the search facility on Yelp (you know what I was looking for) here is the response:

‘We’ve found multiple locations matching your search ‘Yorkshire’.
Did you mean:

    Yorkshire, VA, USA
    Yorkshire, Ross Township, MI, USA
    Yorkshire, North Port, FL, USA

Americans really have no idea!

On a second search I was offered Yorkshire NJ apparently a place near Sardinia!

I am not the only disenchanted yelper. Users at Forums Community – the community for Yorkshire Terriers have been receiving messages from people who are clearly TROLLS!

Why keep a dog and bark yourself. Make no bones about it the Yelp offering is too Woof.

Image Credits
Yorkie by asmit421 CC BY-NC 2.0
Yorkie by CC BY 2.0

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