Pommie Sheep Shears

‘Ey up Luk out sheep – cars on t’road’

As William Wilkinson Ltd, Burgon & Ball began manufacturing scissors and shears back in 1730 in the Spring Works, Grimethorpe Road the heartland of Sheffield. For 279 years some of the finest sheep shears and cutting tools in the world have been ‘Made in Sheffield’ and shipped to Australia, Argentina and the Malvinas (sorry to all the Yorkshire Expats out there I mean the Falkland Islands).

As sheep fleeces may be short and wiry or long and soft depending on the breed so the design of the shears needs to accommodate the specific need.¬† As with many things, the secret of success lies with¬† experience, expertise and a through understanding of all the issues involved. Different countries require different tensions on the blades or differing lengths such that over 50 separate patterns are available for sale. Cut from the best quality coiled steel there are then 22 manufacturing processes before they can be shipped ‘Outback’.
Today Burgon & Ball are the largest manufacturer of sheep shears in the world.



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Garden Tools
Quality garden tools are now a key product range carrying on the name of Burgon and Ball. The Topiary shears are based on the old trusty sheep shears. The scythes and knives were added to the range as a result of acquiring another manufacturer Tyzack Sons and Turner.
For a statue to a shearer (or shearess) in this case see the picture of the Lady Gardener in Dewsbury.

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